About Us

About Us

A Leading UK Exotic Veterinary Laboratory

Pinmoore Animal Laboratory Services (PALS)

At Pinmoore Animal Laboratory Services (PALS), our continuing ambition is to develop and provide a wide range of tests and services to veterinary practices, animal parks, zoos, and owners. From tests involving multiple disciplines including haematology, microbiology, biochemistry and cytology, to professional postmortem services, we offer a comprehensive list of options.


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Experts On Exotics

From Aardvarks to Zebras, our team has the expertise to produce full profiles for an extensive array of exotic animals.

To aid our work with exotics, we have invested in the latest technological advances for testing to provide a service that is fast, accurate and dependable. Using cutting-edge equipment like precision analysers, we can specialise in sample volumes as small as 0.4ml heparinised blood.

A Focus On Quality and Cost

PALS is a member of numerous external quality control schemes and we adhere to rigid internal quality control policies to ensure the accuracy of all our obtained results.

Our entire staff work within strict operating procedures to provide absolute consistency in all the tests result we provide, and our measures and procedures are reviewed regularly.

Only fully qualified personnel work at PALS, with all our biomedical scientists possessing either a relevant biomedical degree, or being state registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council.

We have created a cost structure designed to give our customers the best value for money. Whether the testing is for domestic animals or exotics, you will find our prices very competitive.

We offer a same-day service on tests such as haematology, biochemistry and endocrinology, please see our price list for turnaround times on other tests.